At St Mark’s we hold to two foundational truths.

The first is that authentic Christianity is not about trying to impress God with our values or our decency or our achievements. It is about being open with God about our wrong, our brokenness and our weakness, and trusting in him to mend us. The cross of Jesus Christ, that terrible and desolate scene, is also the most beautiful thing in the Christian gospel, because that’s where we see God himself coming close to us.

The second is this. That great book, the Bible, is the supreme way in which God communicates to us. What an authentic Christian church needs to do is to faithfully listen to the Word of God in the Bible – to hear his voice, and respond.

What we do at St Mark’s is shaped by what we believe. We gather to sing the praises of the great God who made the universe. We confess to him, knowing that he is merciful and kind, and yearns to forgive. We open the Bible and read it, and explain it: and we want it to shape our lives and what we do.