Rev. David Crain Profile Photo

Working hours: Sunday mornings, Mondays and Tuesdays

Rev David Crain

Assistant Minister

David has worked part-time at St Mark’s since September 2012 and works in the parish mainly on Sunday mornings, Mondays and Tuesdays. His role involves ministering to older congregation members, 8:00am service congregation, Seniors’ Connect Groups and funerals. David has enjoyed serving as a minister for over 55 years. Previously he worked in various Newcastle and Bendigo parishes and was the Rector of Yagoona, Leichhardt and Austinmeer, before retiring from full-time paid ministry in 2006. David and his wife Pam have two adult children and four grandchildren. David is also the Vice President of the Bush Church Aid Society, manages his family super fund, has never recovered from the NRL expulsion of the North Sydney Bears, is fascinated by 20th Century Europe, and is a Tottenham Hotspot tragic.