At St Mark’s we seek to show Christ’s love in action and to help people feel valued, welcomed and cared for. The St Mark’s Pastoral Care Group aims to provide care to members of the congregation by prayer, phone, visits or providing assistance as required and appropriate.

The group meets on an ad hoc basis and the commitment varies according to each member’s availability. Training is organised by Alicia Watson, Pastoral Care Coordinator, to ensure care is offered in an appropriate way.

Please let us know if you or someone you know is unwell, especially if their illness is unexpected and not, for example, planned surgery (of which they can notify us in advance). We would love people to let us know so we can care for them and arrange suitable people to visit those in need, if they so desire. Otherwise the staff team would love to be able to pray for people and, if appropriate, include them in our corporate prayers each week. Please particularly let us know if people are unwell or unable to attend church due to age and/or frailty. Please complete our Connect card here or contact us at: