St Mark’s Gardeners meet every Friday from 9am to beautify the church gardens.  We are a friendly, companionable and enthusiastic group of volunteers who share our passion for gardening, while enjoying each other’s company. The group meets at the Howard Lea Hall and garden together before finishing with morning tea from 11am onwards. In addition to the Friday gardening, another team member ensures the garden is watered appropriately.

All that is required to join the St Mark’s Gardeners team is an interest in gardening. Volunteers just need to bring their own gardening gloves, secateurs, a weeding fork and something to share for morning tea.  For more information please contact or speak to Di Coates who convenes the group.

The group was thrilled when the St Mark’s Anglican Church Memorial Garden, Darling Point was recognised as ‘Best Large Garden 2019’ in the Woollahra Garden Awards.  This was the first time the group had entered the competition and the entry involved all the church gardens, with a particular focus on the memorial garden. At the time volunteer gardener Edwina Parsons shared: “The garden we enjoy today has been years in the making and has been carefully and lovingly planned by Di Coates and our team. It represents the community-minded and inclusive nature of St Mark’s.”

Recently the St Mark’s Gardeners appeared in the paper! Read the article here.