St Mark’s Quilters

St Mark’s Quilters meet on the second Saturday of each month from January to November in the Howard Lea Hall at St Mark’s Church, 10am – 3pm.  We welcome new members who are already quilters. We spend the day sewing quilts, chatting and sharing tips and advice. Our St Mark’s Quilters are a super-keen group, coming from as far afield as the Central Coast, and the Central West to enjoy a relaxed, happy creative time together.

As a group, we are united by the desire to use our creative talents to benefit the wider community in a practical way. Consequently, we donate all our quilts to four different organisations where a quilt can provide some comfort and compassion to recipients at a time of great challenge.

St Mark’s Quilters make a cot sized quilt for every child who joins the KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Learning and Care Centre (known as The Marcia) at Liverpool.

We make Blankets of Love, (smaller sized quilts) for the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Newborn Intensive Care Unit.  These are given away to grieving parents whose baby has passed away, or those parents with a very sick baby needing special care in the NICU. We also make quilted humidicrib covers to cheer the ward, as well as provide practical benefits. And we have recently taken on making peanut pillows to support the heads of tiny premature babies.

Orange Base Hospital Children’s and Special Care Nursery are also thrilled to receive our Blankets of Love.  It’s wonderful that we can support a rural area, and as one of our quilters lives up there we can deliver our quilts.

The fourth organisation we support is the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick, and these are given to young palliative care patients and their siblings.

Quilters bring along their own equipment, including sewing machines (if needed). We supply quilt batting and have a limited amount of appropriate fabrics. Many of our quilters choose to buy their own fabrics. We advise all participants of the guidelines for the various organisations where we donate the quilts, and we lend a hand if needed. We all bring our own lunch and there is no charge to attend.

We would love experienced quilters to join us in this fun, creative and rewarding ministry of comfort. For more information, please contact or contact Di Bracey (Ph: 0419 555 813) who convenes the group. 

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