Marriage Course

The Marriage Course is for couples who are married or in a committed relationship and interested in investing time in their relationship. Keep the spark alive in your relationship and stay connected by gaining some practical relationship skills and techniques. You will learn how to communicate more effectively and improve how you can resolve differences as a couple. 

The next course will commence on Tuesday 15 October 2024 at 6:30pm and will run for 7 weeks at the Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay. We’d love for you to join us!

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This respected course was originally developed in 1996 by Nicky and Sila Lee, who have been married for over 40 years. It was updated in 2020, featuring expert insights and drawing on the real-life experiences from couples all over the world. While based on Christian principles, the course is relevant and helpful for any couple with or without a Christian faith or church background. There is no group work, and each couple’s conversations are completely private.

The course will be facilitated by Trish Howes. Trish is a trained Social Worker and has 30 years’ experience working with couples and families. Since her retirement, she has enjoyed running several successful Marriage Courses for St Mark’s, both online and at The Sheaf Hotel at Double Bay.

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Quick course overview

  • Held in the Canopy Room of the Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay, the course is designed as a date night for each couple. The session starts with couples ordering dinner by 6.30pm and spending quality time enjoying their meal.
  • The course content begins at 7.00pm and finishes at 9.00pm. The course runs for 7 consecutive weeks on Tuesday evenings. The only exception to this is the Tuesday session which falls on Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 5 November) which has been moved to Sunday 3 November (and will start at 5:30pm and finish at 8pm). The course includes excellent teaching material, conversation points, and time for private discussion between you and your partner. There are no group discussions. 
  • Cost: $80 per couple. Booklets with conversation topics and helpful worksheets are provided.

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