Connect Groups

Connect groups are the best way to explore questions and deepen your faith, while connecting with others in the St Mark’s community. There are Connect groups meeting in person and on Zoom throughout the week in the daytime and the evening, exploring a range of topics and parts of the Bible. To express your interest, please complete the form below or contact us:

2021 groups available

Aimed at ‘single’ adults of all ages | Sunday 3pm | Fortnightly at Rose Bay
This group will meet fortnightly during school term on a Sunday afternoon at Rachel Wilson’s house in Rose Bay, at 3pm for afternoon tea, Bible study and prayer. The group is aimed at ‘single’ adults of all ages and life situations. They will begin by looking into Galatians. This group is run by Rachel Wilson.

Mums with Kids | Monday 9.30am – 11am | Weekly at St Mark’s
This is a group catering especially for mothers with young children. They meet in the upstairs hall at the Church in Darling Point, where there are toys and space for small children to play while the mothers meet to discuss the Bible and pray with each other in a safe (if a little crazy) environment. This relatively new group is run by Naomi Escott and is very open to any new members.

Anyone Welcome| Monday 7.30pm | Weekly on Zoom
This group is led by Mark and Anna Herron, on Zoom. They would love to welcome a couple of more members.

Anyone Welcome | Tuesday 1pm – 2.30pm | Weekly at St Mark’s
Led by our Seniors Minister Rev David Crain, this group meets at the church in Darling Point to discuss the Bible and pray together. Many people have expressed how much they have learned from David – whether they have been long-time church attenders or new Christians.

Anyone Welcome | Tuesday 7¬pm – 8.30pm | Weekly at St Mark’s
Led by Erica and James Oliver, this group is primarily aimed at people from 5.30pm service. The group has dinner together, studies the Bible and joins together in prayer.

Anyone Welcome | Tuesday 7¬pm – 8.30pm | Weekly at Darling Point
Blake Davis from the 5.30pm service leads this group. They meet in his house, have dinner together, and engage with the Bible and prayer.

Aimed at city workers | Wednesday 7.30am – 8.10am | Weekly on Zoom
This is a group of people who used to meet in the city before work but now meet on Zoom. It’s a short, sharp study, usually discussion about the sermon from Sunday, with brief prayers at the end. The leader, Jenny Atkinson, is happy to welcome new members.

Anyone Welcome | Wednesday 7.30pm – 9pm | Weekly at Darling Point
Led by our Assistant Minister Tim Escott, this group is mostly made up of people who are new to Connect Groups. It meets at Tim’s house in Darling Point and is starting the year by looking at how we as Christians might be able to answer questions about our faith. Anyone is welcome to join.

Women of all stages | Thursday 10am – 11.30am | Weekly at St Mark’s
This is a group open to women of all ages and is run by Catherine Jensen. It meets in the hall behind the church in Darling Point. Like all other groups, the women meet to study the Bible, encourage each other, and pray. This first term they may be studying the book of Acts.

Anyone Welcome | Thursday 5pm – 6pm | Weekly on Zoom
Long-time church member Geoffrey Hetherington runs this group on Zoom each week. They are studying the book of Acts at the moment. They typically watch a video online before coming together to discuss it on Zoom.

Alpha Course: Explorers Especially Welcome | Thursday 7 – 9pm | Weekly at St Mark’s
The Alpha course is a great way to try small groups for the first time, or to revisit the foundations of Christianity. Run by our Outreach Minister Erica Oliver with some other co-leaders, the Alpha course involves a meal, watching a video, and discussion. Anyone is welcome to the Alpha Course.

Anyone Welcome | Friday 6pm ¬– 10pm | Every third Friday of the month in Waverly
This group is held at the home of Diane Speed in Waverley, a scant 10 minutes from Darling Point. Over dinner (provided) friendships develop and deepen. The different topics considered afterwards look at what the Bible teaches about theological and/or life questions, with starter thoughts leading into group discussion. Members are invited to suggest topics on which the leader prepares the next study, e.g. the Joy of Faith, the Cost of Forgiveness.