Each birth is a miracle and it is good to thank God for his gift of life. We would love to help you organise a suitable celebration of thanks to God and prayer for your child’s future.

General information

If you would like to have your child baptised, you should come to church one Sunday and introduce yourself to one of our Ministers. They will discuss with you the options available and what preparation is involved in each case. Therefore, please talk together beforehand about what your hopes are for your child’s celebration and why.

Baptisms are run on every third Sunday of the month at 12pm, there is often more than one family baptism at the same service.

Having your child baptised is a significant decision and we want this to be a very satisfying occasion, especially for your family.  For this to happen we meet with the parents and godparents beforehand so that everyone is comfortable with all that happens and all that is expected.

On a Monday we  gather with all the parents and godparents of upcoming baptisms at 7pm -8pm, upstairs in the large parish hall.  This is a vital preparation time, replacing the previous home visit, and yes, it is essential. We understand that not all the godparents will be able to attend but encourage as many as possible to join you on the evening.

For further enquires, contact the office on (02) 9363 3657 or email office@stmarksdp.org

There is no fee for the baptism but familes generally make a donation to the Church.